Expert Services

After my life changing event described earlier, I started doing expert testimony in 2005. I also assumed the role of “seeking the truth” in my work as an expert since that made perfect sense. As a result, I have been retained about equally since 2005 by plaintiff and defense in my role as an expert.

I have been formally retained as a property/casualty insurance expert over 140 times since 2005. I have been deposed 28 times and I have testified at trial 7 times. Since I was licensed by every Department of Insurance in the United States for the better part of 2 decades, it is difficult for opposing counsel to argue that I am not qualified to opine on industry issues of standard and care and that reality has been my experience.

As an insurance expert I am routinely retained to opine on distinct areas of expertise in the property/casualty industry which includes:

  • Agent / Broker / MGA / TPA / Claims handler standards of care
  • Coverage
  • Bad Faith
  • Cost effective case evaluation

I work digitally (even as an old guy!) and am known for the quality of my reports for both state and federal cases (Rule 26) which I am told have brought many cases to resolution earlier because of the quality of my writing abilities.