Nearly 40 Years Experience

I started my generic, independent, property/casualty insurance agency from scratch in suburban Chicago, Illinois in May 1975. The business written at first was split between personal and commercial lines, but migrated over time towards much heavier emphasis on commercial lines of insurance. The mix of business ultimately included significant property exposures (manufacturing & warehousing), inland marine, auto fleets, workers compensation, commercial general liability and professional liability (E&O) risks as the agency’s primary focus. This provided a broad background of experience and market knowledge while offering insured risks from the Midwestern states a one-stop solution for their insurance needs.

By the early 1990’s the agency had a national presence with unique insurance products and programs I personally authored and implemented, primarily for the construction industry. After becoming separately licensed nationally (all 50 states) both as a “producer” and as a “surplus lines broker”, I (aided by my staff) functioned nationally as an underwriting Managing General Agent (MGA) and Third Party Administrator (TPA) claims-handler, as well as a surplus lines broker all for approximately 25 years. In 1993 I also formed and continue to own a reinsurance company which is still active today. This broad base of experience and skill sets gave me unique market experiences and insights that have contributed in a meaningful way to my consulting career described on the next tabs.

To learn why I ultimately sold my national agency in 2005 and transitioned from a “producer” to consultant is described on the “Property Casualty Consulting Services” tab.